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Let’s Get Started

I set up this blog in January and said I would write at least once a week. Did that happen? Well, today is April 12 and this is my first post. 
I’m not sure where this blog is going to go, I have so many things I like to talk about or at least think about. It’s anyone’s guess really. I’ll do my best with separating into pages but quite honestly, I wouldn’t hold my breath. 
Today the weather was beautiful again here in New York so this evening I went for a run – the first one outside this year. I have slacked on my running, big time! Today I decided to fully commit and get back to it – even if that means I cut one or two crossfit classes per week. 
Currently I aim for 4-5 crossfit classes per week but will cut it down to 3, maybe 4, depending on how I feel. Of course I’ll have 1 day off completely from any activity. I have been consistent with my crossfit since January and have loved the results I’m getting so far with my strength and I’m also noticing changes in my body. 
I’m in the process of preparing for another round of Whole30. I’ve completed 11 rounds over the last 2+ years and I love how much better I feel after each round. I have not been very good with my eating habits the last month so feeling like another whole30 is the way to go. 
Well that’s it for the first post. Time for dinner! 


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Started

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s getting closer to 3 yrs since I started but time in between varies. Some rounds only had a week or so between and others had 3 months or more. I just love how great I feel doing them and sometimes I can get a bit too friendly with paleo “treats”. Whole30 keeps me on track. I’ve lost over 100lbs and kept it off for over a year 🙂

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