Mental burpees 

Today’s burpees were a total mental battle. Not sure if it was because I’d only slept around 4 hrs, or if it was because I took a call right as I was warming up and ended up on the phone for an hour, or if it was just purely my own self sabotage, but I just didn’t want to do them today once I got going. 

I had my music blasting – I love to do burpees (and running) to trance music from the 90’s to early 00’s. Usually one of my Ministry of Sound or Gatecrasher albums. I was all warmed up (again) and ready to go. After 7 I thought “ugh these are tough today” after 15 I actually stopped and had an argument with myself in my head. 

Some of my excuses not to continue were:

“You will burn yourself out before the crossfit class you have in an hour”

“You can totally do them after Crossfit at the box”

“You’re just too tired for this today, you can make it up tomorrow”

“Maybe you could do them at work, or what about when you get home at 1am?”

Ha! Can you believe my sneaky brain? Like I’m going to drop and do 100 burpees at 1am! I even stopped the timer and paced a couple of times while doing this. Weighing the pros and cons in my mind. 

I’ll admit it. I almost gave in and walked away. But I didn’t. Something, somewhere deep inside knew that if I didn’t do them right then, it would be the beginning of the end. So I told myself – let’s just get to 30 at the very least and then you can finish later. 

Then I decided “ok just 20 more, you can absolutely get 20 more then you are half done”. I’d stop in between these sets of 20 and still have to convince myself to keep going. I got to 60 and figured “I may as well just keep going”. 

70 – “surely I could stop here and do 30 at the box right? Nope! Get your ass back down and jump back up!” 

77 – “my arms, my legs, they hurt. Move your ass Mandy!” 

80 – “ok just another 20, I’ve got this”. 

87 – “why do I keep stopping?? just MOVE!!” 

93 – “are you kidding me right now? Don’t you dare think about stopping!”

97 – “MOVE IT!!”

100! – “I made it!! I actually did it! You totally rock for doing that and I’m proud of you!!” 

I am so very glad that I decided to push through the mental blocks, if I hadn’t I would have felt awful about it all day. I didn’t press continue on the timer so don’t know what the time was. The time wasn’t important today, I just wanted to get through this even if it took me half an hour. 

I’m sure this won’t be the first time I encounter this over the coming weeks, but I have this here to remind me that I can absolutely make it through it no matter how much kicking and screaming my brain is doing. Also, maybe I should check if talking to myself this much is normal? 🙂 


Day 13 of 100 days of burpees

Another week has passed by since my last post. I have been consistent with my daily challenge of 100 burpees. Today is day 13 (I think) and I’ve already made some good progress. 

When I started this challenge I had to rest after every 10 burpees to catch my breath, take sips of water and had to take a full minute of resting half way through. My time at the start was close to 14 minutes. 

At the start of the week I was under 12 mins. On Wednesday I was at 11mins 12 seconds. So on Thursday when my coach Michele told me we had to do 5 rounds of 20 burpees plus 20 kettle bell swings in under 15 minutes, (after I’d already done 100 for the day!) I thought I wasn’t going to finish the WOD. I told her so, telling her it takes me about 12 mins to do 100 burpees and she said “bullshit!” Love her. Lol. 

I did my first 20 burpees in 58 seconds – what?? Michele told me this as I pick up my kettlebell and tells me to just keep moving and that I’ve got this. So that’s what I did. I didn’t stop moving until I finished the WOD in 13 mins 40 seconds. 

I couldn’t believe I actually finished it and so started to question my method of doing burpees at home. Questioning all those little “breathing” breaks – the sips of water (I only took one during the WOD) – was I resting too much? Obviously I was. 

So the next day I made sure I warmed up good, made sure I was well hydrated and just got to work. I knocked out 100 burpees in 9 minutes 30 seconds!!! I couldn’t believe it. I felt like Rocky when he scaled those steps with ease in the movie. I may have even done a little victory dance and a few air punches. 

Today, again I made sure I warmed up good using the same movements we had used at Crossfit that day and set at being under 10 minutes. Surely I can’t do it two days in a row right? Wrong! Today I did it in 8 minutes 58 seconds. 

This to me is incredible. I am feeling so good about this challenge and proud of the work I have put in so far. Now I can do 30 burpees without taking a 2 deep breaths break – last week I couldn’t wait to get to 10! Burpee number 35 to around 70 are where the mental battle comes in. 

I can’t think about what I’m doing other than telling myself “just put your hands on the ground!!” Sometimes I have to tell myself to jump up too. My quads start to burn, my legs start feeling heavy and I start to feel it in my arms too. 

At around the 70 mark I know I’m on the home stretch and just push through the burn, at this point I start smiling a little despite the discomfort because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure my smile looks kind of twisted like the Jokers smile and then disappears into a grimace as I push back up – and then the smile again. 

Here is a pic after I just finished yesterday – sweaty and catching my breath – complete with my wild hair and my mascara running 🙂 hey if you can look cute after a workout you aren’t working hard enough, right? 

I think I’m actually starting to enjoy this! But then that was the whole idea wasn’t it? For me to not hate the burpees. Sure I’m still uncomfortable when I do them, but I’m enjoying the process of the whole thing. Finding that inner strength to push through, to get going doing them in the first place! Also challenging myself to get faster doing them rather than just go through the motion. 

I’ve done 1480 burpees so far in 13 days. Prior to this challenge I don’t think I had done that many in my life! 

100 days of burpees – days 4, 5, & 6

Not really too much to report other than the fact I’ve put in the work. Oh and that my quickest time is 11 minutes 51 seconds!!! Super happy about that considering my start time was over 13 minutes. 
I won’t post a pic of every day – but I will post today’s. I like today’s because I’m starting to see some kind of definition in my shoulders! It’s not much but to me it’s a huge deal. I spent over seven years being morbidly obese and could not see definition of any kind – even the last year or so after losing the weight there wasn’t any. I was actually shocked to notice it today. 

It’s little things like this that keep me going to crossfit or doing these kind of challenges when I don’t feel like it. Today’s burpees were a little tough – it’s quite warm here in New York and a little humid. I also was woken up at 5am by an awesome thunderstorm which lasted about an hour or so. It took me awhile to go back to sleep so wasn’t feeling 100% rested when I woke up. I don’t get home from work until 1am at the weekend so the broken sleep made me feel sluggish – even with coffee! 
Here is a link to my instagram of little clip from the storm, just one of the lightning strikes with its super loud thunder. I absolutely love storms. 


So that’s it really for today. I will update again in a couple of days. Have a lovely weekend! 

100 days of Burpees – Day 2

So, day 2 of the 10,000 burpee challenge. 

I decided I’ll be doing my 100 burpees along with any other activity I am doing for the day. Of course today at Crossfit we had 80 burpees to do. Great sense of humor Universe!! 

Here is what today’s Crossfit WOD looked like 


It was my first time practicing pistols and let me tell you, I need a bunch of practice! The metcon itself was awesome until I got a real bad headache, but I finished the round with my eyes closed then swallowed a couple of Advil with some coconut water and I was good 10 mins later. 

That’s the first time I’ve gotten a headache like that while working out – I did suffer with migraines for awhile but haven’t had one or a bad headache for almost a year. Maybe the intensity was too much today? Not sure. I have done other workouts that have left me feeling half dead but no headache. Something to keep an eye one. 

Anyway, day 2 of my 100 burpee challenge. I could have cheated myself and just done another 20, but I’m proud to say I did not and in fact did another 100 burpees at home. Here is today’s “after” photo 

Sweating so much I’m sparkling!

Today I did use a timer. I had the same rest periods as yesterday (30 seconds after every 10 reps) except at the half way point when I took an extra 30 seconds. It was definitely more of a mental thing than fatigue.

My total time was 13:23. I know I could definitely be under that without the rest periods and will try to cut them down to just 15 seconds of rest by next week and then not have a set rest time by the week after. Though I should definitely set a max rest time of 5 seconds in the future. 

It was challenging. Round 5 was the toughest then after that I kind of went on auto pilot. I like that mode where I’m not actually thinking about it and just moving. I didn’t get a headache doing this so wondering what caused it this morning. 

Definitely proud of myself today for getting a total of 180 burpees for the day! 

10,000 Burpees

Nope, that’s not a typo. 

Today, I decided to embark on this challenge. 100 burpees per day for 100 days. I really dislike burpees. A LOT. Which is exactly why I’m doing this. 

A good friend of mine always reminds me, “don’t get comfortable” when it comes to working out. Well, let me tell you, I am at my most uncomfortable when I’m doing burpees. 

Tell me to pick something heavy up – you bet! Oh, you want me to throw this above my head? No problem! Tell me to do 10 burpees? I’ll give you the death stare and curse under my breath for each one. 

There are other movements we do at Crossfit that I dislike – wall balls are definitely on the same level as burpees for me – I can never seem to get my breathing right with those. But I decided to tackle burpees first because I can do them anywhere and don’t have to be at The Box to get them done. Who knows, once I’m done with this challenge I may find wall balls a little easier. 

So, my first day: 

I didn’t set a timer or anything. I just did the movements. I took about a 30 second rest between sets of 10. I puffed, I grunted, I sweat about a gallon. Ok, slight exaggeration but boy did I sweat! After it was over I actually felt fantastic and proud of myself. 

Since starting Crossfit I have come to realize that a lot of our work is all mental. It’s definitely true with burpees. I try to concentrate on anything other than what I’m actually doing but at the same time keeping count – it’s a fine balance. 

I’m going to add a picture each day as proof of my putting in the work. Here is Day 1 

Still trying to catch my breath!